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Pair of 659 and 575v2 purchased the same day. 575V2 still in great shape, however, both rubber bottoms have came off the 659. The 659 have been worn very little. I have always been a NB fan but this is not the way to do business. The correct way to handle this is for the NB people at least replace these shoes. Stand behind your product. Ron Seegars, PO Box 83, Fort Lawn, SC 29714.

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I'm a long time NB customer and always found their shoes to be comfortable and durable. I bought a new pair about 10 months ago and the thin rubber soles are coming off of both shoes. Otherwise the shoes are in great shape. I have never had this happen on any shoes or any brand before. At 80 years old, I don't do a lot of walking, so figured the shoes would last me at least a couple of years like previous NB purchases. I guess it is time... Read more

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New Balance - MW813HBK desentagrated in 5 months. Don't Last Anymore!
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I have a pair of MW813HBK that have just disintegrated after 4 or 5 months of wear. The soles are separating from the part that is disintegrated. Even the heels have worn more than normal. My 476's that I have had for many years are in better shape than these. I also have one 477 that are in good shape and one 477 that looks like they are starting to do the same as these 813's. I bought them online from Peitz Shoes on 04/03/2016, order... Read more

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I just received a new pair of new balance 857, which i ordered from their website. There was glue visible everywhere, from bottom of the shoe to sides, the shoe looked hideous. The finishing was of the level of $20 shoe brought from Kmart, even that would have looked better. One thing i noted is that the 855 and 856 were made in the USA. The 857 is made in Asia (Vietnam). There is no quality control. I never expected such bad quality product... Read more

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I purchased New Balance MX1267 for $150 thinking they were the best walking shoes on the market. They fit great and were very comfortable until the soles started to come apart after eight months of light walking. I contacted customer service and they advised me the shoe was only good for 400 miles. I told the representative I wasn't buying tires with a 50,000 mile tread warranty, I just wanted to know why these shoes were coming apart so... Read more

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I had this re-occurring problem at the NB factory outlet store in Brighton again. I wont be going back anymore. This is why retail is dead. In a store of approximately two thousand pairs of shoes, they never, I repeat, never have my size in stock. In the past I substituted with size and style just to have a new pair of sneakers. No more. I suggested to 2 employees on my way out, that the store should over stock size 12 2E on most styles. It is... Read more

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New Balance Sneakers Review from Torrance, California
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This will be the last pair of NB sneakers I will ever buy!!! They are comfortable, but in ever shoe I have purchased the tongue wants to slide to the left or right side!!! I hate this in a shoe, not the only kind I have bought of the NB brand and same result. No more for me unless you get this fixed!!! Read more

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I just start wearing new balance because i heard its a good shoe to wear in the support is very good the style of the shoe is wonderful but the quality is poor to me I haven't had these shoe more then 6months in the sole is worn out in when it rains the sole make a noise the thread is coming loose in everything like it has water stuck in them the shoe is very comfortable but the shoe isn't fit as it should this shoe states its for active fit... Read more

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New Balance Bwe8oss2 Sneakers Review from Pantego, Texas
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I bought two pairs of new balance shoes approx 5 months ago and I was very disappointed in the way they came apart at the little toe seam, I am going to find my receipt and get my money back, lots of bad reviews therefore bad business! Cheap! Shoes at an expensive price! What a waste! I want to be contacted by new balance company and would like reembersment! Unsatisfied customer. Read more

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The 928s I just bought are not breaking in as expected. They are actually getting more uncomfortable each time I wear them. They pinch back of the large toe on each shoe. This is worse each time I wear the shoe. The shoe has a very stiff sole as well as very sharp slope at the front of the shoe. I think these factors cause the top the shoe to flex downward toward the foot when walking and subsequent pinching of the foot. As the shoe wears... Read more

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