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60 year old female has been wearing this brand for 30 years but things are going to change! The last 3 (yes 3) pair I've bought have fallen apart, each within 9 months time and these shoes are not cheap in price.

Apparently they are cheaply made though. I emailed NB and their reply was to try and return them to the store....BUT you must have the receipt which of course I didn't have. Who keeps sneaker receipts for 9 months?! She then said I could send them back to them but a receipt would still be required.

I told her forget it, I just wanted to make you aware how terrible your product has become. I have 2 pr from 10-12 years ago that I wear for yard work.

They may not look pretty but they still haven't fallen apart! I now c a lot of people have the same complaint

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to "50% off coupon for another pair? use different glue to hold front sole together geesh" as the author lost $160. The author is overall dissatisfied with New Balance. The most disappointing about new balance shoes from New Balance was shoes coming apart Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Same here,wear NB for 30 yrs,senior female on fixed income and the last 2 pair I bought my toes goes tru it after 3-4 months of wearing them,I am disgusted,cause there not cheap,dont know what to do anymore and like you wear real old ones in the yard and there fine,not looking nice anymore,but,dont know what to do anymore cause I need good support and NB was there for me for 30 yrs,now I need new ones again but will I be faced with the same problem

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