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Bought the shoes at Sport Expert for $137, in Montreal, Canada, for comfort (not running) and walk on city streets. I have not used them in difficult conditions.

After a couple a months a hole appeared on top of the shoe. The hole size increased until the shoe became unusable.

The retailer told me that since I had bought the shoes more than 4 months before, they could not do anything for me. I am trying to deal with the company directly but although I have the credit card receipt confirming my purchase, they will not exchange or reimburse without the original receipt.

Product or Service Mentioned: New Balance Mprsmsg2 Sneakers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No, dummy, no replacement after you pounded on them for months and walked over or ran into who-knows-what.

If you call that nearly invisible spot a "hole" making them "unusable", it's obvious you never lived in our middle-class neighborhood where ratty sneakers were a badge of honor for an active child.


I remember when NB used to be high quality. Their quality has clearly deteriorated over the years as their prices increase. Such a shame.

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